• NHS (bullying and harassment allegations involving: two consultants in same team; consultant and a nurse; nurse and manager)
  • Higher Education – (PI and researcher; dispute over research leadership; manager and member of staff; grading issues; technical staff)
  • Housing associations – (bullying and harassment allegations; senior managers in dispute; manager and team)
  • SMEs – (manager and team members; intra-team disputes; redundancy and unfair dismissal claims)
  • Retail - (negotiation a compromise agreement)
  • Local authorities – (manager and team; team members not getting on)
  • Charities – (whole team dispute; unfair dismissal claim; negotiating a compromise agreement; manager and team member)
  • Financial services sector (senior managers; re-starting employment following a grievance)

Client comment:  “I felt very supported and listened to by the mediator.  I thought that he was very in tune with the way proceedings were going, and that he helped discussions to proceed as far as was possible.”

Bullying and harassment

A significant proportion of workplace mediations arise in the wake of allegations of bullying and harassment, both before and after formal investigation While investigation has an important role, mediation allows for a wide ranging conversation, identifying lessons from the past and planning a constructive working relationship in future.  For a summary of my thinking see the recent article ‘Do You See What I’m Dealing With Here: Vicious Circles in Workplace Conflict’ in the Journal of Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies - http://kennedyinstitute.nuim.ie/content/do-you-see-what-im-dealing-here-vicious-circles-conflict 

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