Conflict can be time consuming and expensive.  Mediation is one way of resolving it: other methods are negotiation, arbitration and litigation.  I have listed below some of the advantages of mediation:

Speed: mediation is generally faster than other forms of resolution.  People are often surprised that disputes which have lasted months or years can be resolved in a single day

Cost: mediation is relatively inexpensive, in part because of its speed

Control: in mediation you retain control.  No decision will be imposed on you and you decide when and if you are ready to settle the matter

Future focus: the courts are good at establishing responsibility for past wrongs.  In mediation we can also consider practical solutions for the future

Simplicity: there are no complex procedures in mediation.  One person (the mediator) helps others with a dispute to find a mutually acceptable solution

Relationships: in business, family and employment matters it is often important to preserve a civilised relationship once the dispute is resolved.  Mediation helps with this because of its emphasis on face-to-face conversation and agreed outcomes

Compliance: it is becoming increasingly clear that people are more likely to comply with mediated agreements than court orders

If you are unsure whether mediation is the best way to deal with a dispute or conflict, call 07779 577019 for a free consultation.

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